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I wrote this song about my mother, Artelia Jeanette Scott. I had just finished recording it when

she passed away.  It was written from her perspective and the questions that she asked

about this disease called Alzheimer. “ Did I know you?”


It is a devastating experience for anyone, I am sure when you lose your mother. We shared the 

same body for nine months.  We drank of the same water, ate the same food and shared the 

same blood running thru our veins. You can do that with no one but a mother. That is a hard

one to let go. You lose a part of yourself and  like my father once reminded me ...

“Your day is coming”. Will I suffer the same fate?  I know how I felt  when my mother did not recognize me, but what was she feeling?  I share with you a part of  her/our journey with this dreadful disease ...DID I KNOW YOU?   


Won’t you join me in channeling  positive energy and spreading the word about this terrible disease.  Every year I donate a portion of the proceeds from this song  for research  and 

promoting awareness of this disease .  Please join me and make a contribution  in my 

mother’s name  or someone you know suffering from this disease at


I share this with you  because this disease needs to have more attention drawn to it.

It takes your memories when  sometimes that is all you have left. 

To purchase this song ....\

Even though NOVEMBER is considered Alzheimer month ...until there is a cure,

every month  should be ALZHEIMER MONTH .  Thank you for listening.



I see you looking at me 

with a kind of need in your eyes

and I'm looking at you but taken so by surprise

because I don't recollect our meeting 

I don't even know your name

Did I know you?  and if I did Why don't I remember?


A sudden sensation in my body is trying to tell me

there's a connection between us

But I've no memory of us ever being together

not at this moment  

not in my mind

And I can see the hurt in your eyes

Did I know you?  and if I did Why don't I remember?


Is there a time in our lives

when the mind will only retain certain things

It won't give you a choice

to decide What will stay

What will go

Who you will know

And who you won't

Who you will love

And who your don't


Did I know you?  Did I know you?

And if I did, why don’t I remember?

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