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A different journey for my family

On August 19th my sister, Faye Washington’s daughter Jackie WIlson and Jackie’s children, twins Ty and Jacelyn were driving back to school at the University of Texas after a summer break. There was a car accident and all three are in the hospital. The twins are in serious condition. Jacelyn neck is broken in two places and has no movement below her chest. They are still trying to save Ty’s legs. He’s in surgery again today.Their mother had busted ribs. She was in the back seat.

If you don’t remember, I wrote to you about the twins a few years back upon their graduation from high school.

These are the two brains in our family and we had HIGH hopes for them to show the others how to do it. We still have high hopes. They graduated as the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of their class. Click on their picture above to see news clipping link below.

Looking at the picture of the car, it's a wonder that anyone survived. The saddest thing is their emotional state for all three is on HIGH ALERT especially Ty since he was driving and there was no other car involved. We are still on high alert about Jay even surviving. They are afraid if pneumonia set's in, we could lose they wake here every two hours. Sleeping for only two hours at a time., that would kill me and I have not been in a wreck.I pray that their FAITH is as strong as their grandmothers and great grandmother on both sides.

We are on stand bye and it is a day to day thing right now.

Looking at the car, it is a wonder that anyone survived.

We are a praying family and sometimes I have to dust my prayer skills off but I am in full gear right now. Please PRAY with us for the full recovery of my family and all families that are going thru tough times physically and mentally.

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