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Airport Sleep

Am I crazy?

I turned down another tour in Russia this week with some great musicians. This the the third time this year and wondering if I am making a Big Mistake. I have reached a point in my life that if the travel is too extensive and you are not given time to get decent rest then what is more important.... The money or taking care of your body, mind and spirit?

Don’t get me wrong, I love to perform abroad and see and feel the reactions of the people as I try to share my soul to their soul. But this promoter want you to fly in that day which is an all night flight, get to the hotel and try to rest a few hours and get to the gig. Have you ever seen Moscow traffic? Then eight more performances in different areas...traveling and hitting. Like I said, when I look at the itinerary and I don’t see where I can even get a good night sleep then I know this is not for me anymore. My vocal chords need it.

I remember Norman Simmons, one of the greatest pianist and accompanist saying to me, “If I can’t fly at least business or first class, I don’t take the job” because he can’t sleep cramped up on a plane in coach. I can so relate, I can’t sleep on planes anymore either. I don’t know why maybe because the seats have gotten smaller and you are crammed into coach like sardines. On my last flight to Russia, a woman could not stop her baby from crying all night and I was in front of them. I almost started crying myself, I was so sleep deprived when I arrived.

This writing is coming from a girl that loves to get her sleep and have got to have it and then I feel free to SING SING SING.

Just venting today....

P S Picture is of me traveling as a jazz ambassador and the plane was late for hours so had to lay my head down. This was when I could still sleep anywhere.

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