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CD on jazzweek charts 7 weeks now..

Everyone keeps telling me to keep up with the blogging so that people will know what you are up to. But...promoting new music without major label backing is not easy and also sometimes life just keep dealing you a punch.

I know, we go on, so that is just my point..if I don’t blog everyday, it is because I am trying to catch up from all the work that is involved. I guess, you say Cynthia stop complaining and get busy and this is exactly what I am going to do... no complaining at least, no more today. What I am grateful for is that the CD is still on the charts now 7 weeks. It really has made history...see press release...

That is my nephew at top at 8 months old and trying to walk. He will let go a few minutes until he falls but he keeps getting up. He is solid muscle and that means he’s heavy.

I needed a picture and he fit the build of when you fall down you get up with adventure in your eyes......

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