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Even A Broken Heart Deserves A Little Dignity

On Oct 2, 2014 I performed at the Smoke Jazz/Supper club in NYC and decided to try one of the original tunes that I am considering for a new recording. We were just trying out new material and I asked Lafayette Harris my pianist, if he thought we could get thru this tune as a duo without the rest of the band, since we did not rehearse it for this performance. He said OK and here is what we came up with. Notice some audience members demands the people to quiet down (shhhhh) and I even heard someone on the recording say ‘shut the fuck up” oops! I almost let my emotions take over because I flashed back to a relationship that is no more. I promise not to do that on the recording. The question is... should this song be on my next recording. I think with a great arrangement or should I just keep it as a vocal and piano piece? This was recorded on my little mp3 recorder that I carry with me for my own personal documentation. This is not a professional recording so PLEASE use some good speakers or headphones. To let me know If this song should be included on the next CD or if you care to join my mailing list please click here and leave a comment if you like. There may be a surprise in the deal for you later once the recording is finished. Cynthia

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