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Getting Caught Up

I am loving this blog thing, because I feel like I am sharing a journal which I was never good at keeping anyway..but since I am older, I feel I have a few things I want to say and share...One...I have to realize that I have to conquer any computer fears, so that I can really get this together. It is certainly the future, so WE have no choice.

My new CD DREAM FOR ONE BRIGHT WORLD will be released in June and the picture above is the children that sang on it with me at Avatar Studio. The kids did a great job..they were 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who had their first studio experience. Where do they get all that energy though?

The April issue of Jazz Improv, I have an ad and they also did an interview on me, so click on link if you care to read it. He asked me questions that I had not really thought about...I am so excited about this project and trying to stay focused on the best way to market it.

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