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Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Sitting in front of this computer and knowing that I need to go to bed is the norm for me tonight. I felt the need to share the song my late brother- in -law, Rev Clint Levert wrote about Dr. King “I HAVE A DREAM,” so sent out many emails to people asking them to give it a listen. If you want to listen here is a link.. It is my home page and also there will be a video to click on and see the song performed with the South Arkansas Symphony and El Dorado Gospel Choir.

This is the new year, and I thought the past year was rough and over and then on Jan 7, my house in Dallas (picture above) burned to the ground and I lost everything there. It was my get away when I needed to get out of New York with a great park in my back yard..but lives were saved and that to me was the most important. When I look at what is happening in Haiti, I can’t even stay focused on what I lost. I realize daily how blessed I am.

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