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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Me - Rhetta Hughes and More


Pull up a chair and have a glass of wine. This is a motormouth blog but information that I really wanted to share. I hope you hang till the finish.

First - I want to say that I hope all is going well in your life and that each day you continue to live your dreams to the fullest. I know that I am doing just that. Even though sometimes I feel like “Cynthia, are you sure you want to keep up this physical and mental pace etc. etc. etc.” ... and the answer is always YES. So with that said, I know it has been a minute since I have checked in with you to let you know what is going on in my life. I continue to travel my journey/purpose even though sometimes, I am still trying to figure out what that all entails.

Well, right now I have a few things to share with you and I hope you can join me because life is not promised forever as I also share below about my dear friend who passed away yesterday - the late great Rhetta Hughes. She died June 3, 2019 in Dallas, Texas.

Second - I started a residency at SMOKE JAZZ CLUB in NYC back in April, every Sunday with a roster of incredible musicians. I am enjoying singing to the Sunday audiences rain or shine they come out. I am at Smoke indefinitely even though I will be taking off the month of July for a long overdue vacation, a family reunion and a high school class reunion. I will return to Smoke in August and continue until Paul the owner or I holla uncle. It is a wonderful venue to work with some really great people and great food. I know you are saying great food in a jazz club... yes the food is great. If you come, ask me for recommendations as I have a few favorites that I order consistently.

I post a Facebook reminder every week on my Facebook Artist Page along with other up to date info and if you have not liked this page please do so. Just click on and hit the LIKE button.

I also have a group page on Facebook called Dream For One Bright World

The purpose of this group is for us to converse and share with each other and hopefully to gain more insight and knowledge. We should channel positive energy to the world with ideas, truths and hope for peace thru words, music, theater, dance, and any other suggestions/ solutions of ways to accomplish this. Join me there in the discussion

Third - A short film called “Interference”, in which I was the vocalist for the song (What Is The Soul Of A Man?) that appears at the end of this short film is now available for FREE streaming for all Amazon Prime members between June 3-24 as part of the All Voices Film Festival. Your views, ratings and reviews will help make us one of the finalists! Please support us by: 1) Watching Interference from beginning till end, 2) Rating the film using 5-stars, and 3) Writing a review.

The views, ratings and reviews will only be taken into consideration for the short period of June 3-24, 2019. Just click on the following link to watch our film:

Fourth - I will be performing my one-woman play with music ONE RAELETTE’S JOURNEY on September 10th at the Gloucester Stage Theater in their 2019 Never Dark Series at 7:30. Guess who else is in the series - Ed Asner from the Mary Tyler Moore show? You see, he is still loving his craft and doing what he does at his what am I complaining about. Click on the link for info and ticket purchase.

Rhetta Hughes…Some of you may remember her recordings, her work in the The Wiz on Broadway playing Melba Moore’s mother, lead singer for Harry Belafonte, and so much more. She wanted to leave a legacy of her Black & White photos. I share with you her site that unfortunately she didn’t get to finish You won’t believe the amount of people she captured.

And and her music.

Here’s a video of our last get together with friends in Dallas for my birthday brunch She came to see my play when it played in Dallas and said, “I can’t stop crying.” She had a rough beginning to her life and I understood. Rest in Peace Rhetta.

And Thank You All so much for your support!

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