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Mount Fuji Music Festival

I performed at the Mt Fuji music festival with a lot of wonderful musicians and for the first time worked with two different bands in one show. Was it easy...hell no. As soon as you are starting to feel the pulse and get comfortable with the vibe of the first group doing standards, then you switch to work with the second band to do material from my latest CD. This was all in a one hour show...But all the musicians were great, Hiromu Aoki, piano Teruo Nakamura upright bass and Greg Bandy drums made up the first band. Don Cherry Guitar, Jay Rodriguez Electric bass, Eddie Henderson Trumpet, Genji Siraisi Drums, Barney McAll piano,Chris Theberge percussion and Jay Rodriguea on sax made made up the second band. It rained during rehearsal and we cut the rehearsal short, one, so I would not get electrocuted holding that mike in my hand....but all and all the music always finds its’ way.

I hope to work with some of these musicians again one day because they wanted to play. But they didn’t know, I didn’t sleep while there and was just totally exhausted when I hit the stage..but again the music always finds its’ way. The picture is of Mt Fuji. If you wait long enough for the clouds to pass then you snap...I got it..It is beautiful and powerful...

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