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Prayers for a Family

Celebration of Life Memorial Service for my fabulous niece Jacelyn Olivia Wilson which will be Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 11am, Fountain of Praise Worship Center, 13950 Hillcroft, Houston, Texas.

The past few weeks have been spent in great pain. Jacelyn died after being involved in a car crash 2 weeks earlier with her twin brother and mother. Her neck was broken. She was paralyzed from her chest down and we were praying for a miracle. After having three surgeries, we thought she would survive since she was talking and asking for her favorite food. She had no memory of the accident and when told what happened, her response was ‘ACCIDENTS HAPPEN”. She had a massive stroke, we think that friday and pronounced brain dead on Sunday Sept 1, 2013.

This was and is very painful for the family because she was so young, 20 years old. She and her twin brother were Valedictorian and Salutatorian of their graduating class of Madison High School (see Houston Chronicle article) 2 years ago. I am sure some of you remember me bragging about this because I sent emails. I was and still am, very proud of them.

We feel blessed to have had her for 20 years and 9 months. She would have been 21 on November 4th. You can not find a more caring, loving and beautiful spirit anywhere.You almost are in disbelief, this seems like God made a mistake on this one.

But our faith teaches us that He doesn't make mistakes. We can't explain why or when, maybe not ever in this life, but these are the times that we learn what it means to truly depend on a higher power.

Cards and Donations to the Jacelyn Memorial Fund can be sent in care of:

Jacqueline Wilson 6934 River Bluff Houston, TX 77085 Flowers can be sent to:

Grimes Funeral Home

3900 Holmes Rd Houston, TX 77051 (713) 733-3336

We, as humans, are never prepared for death; but, I think God does prepare His saints. On that Thursday in the hospital, Jaycelyn told her mother that there were a lot of people in her room. Her mother assured her that these were her family and friends. She said, " no mother”, she knew those people and her doctors but she saw other people in her room. I take comfort in knowing that God gave His angels charge over her. I have heard of these visits taking place from another friend who had cancer and on her deathbed. Our conversation...

my friend teri "you know they came for me"

me "who came for you Teri?"

friend “you know who”

me “what did you say to them”

friend "I told them I was not going no where.

She died a week later. I guess they do return because a decision has been made and Teri surrendered. I don't really know, but I am beginning to believe that we don't leave this earthly body until we do SURRENDER. Until then we may suffer, fight, scream, cry out but only upon total surrenderance, do we cross over. Some make this decision sooner than later.

When I heard that Jacey said she saw people, I could only reflect on my conversation with my friend Teri in the hospital that day. This is comforting and it makes it a little easier for me. I prefer to believe the ones that are headed there and have a foot in the door as oppose to us that do not and think we might know. Are there spirits who come to help you with the next phase of your journey?

The hardest part now is her brother Ty. He and his sister were extremely close and he was driving the car. He's still undergoing surgeries. Eight surgeries so far trying to save his legs. So the question was...when do you tell Ty that his twin sister has passed? His mom and dad decided, the best thing for his long term recovery was to let him know as soon as possible after his surgery and give him the chance to visit with Jacelyn's body and say his final goodbyes. Dealing with the mental struggle of feeling responsible I am sure, they said it was almost as hard to witness his reaction to her death as it was to being told that his sister had died. My heart breaks for him. They are watching him very closely but painful to watch his turmoil. Ty will not be able to attend the celebration of life services for his sister.

He is doing a double major in radio TV and film at UT. Here is a short movie that he wrote, directed and acted in.....You might be surprised. He is the one in the car at the opening scene. The boy is good. See his short movie

Their mother, a very strong, young Christian woman is also in need of mental and physical healing. The coming months and years will be very hard. But, we know that God will wipe all tears away and the pain will be less severe with time.

Because Jaycee is an organ donor, even in death, there is life. She and her brother both had signed up to be full body donors. Only 2% of the population has the opportunity to give healthy organs to those in need in this fashion. Jacelyn's decision can potentially save 9 different lives. This was a surprise because they told no one, not even their parents or grandparents. You would have had to have known this child to truly understand what a angel she was and not because she was my niece but when I say SPECIAL..I mean it. I can't imagine what she would have accomplished, given or even changed in this world, had she lived. We heard today that her heart went to a special person in Dallas Please continue to pray for Ty, his mother Jackie and the whole family.

But if there's any consolation, we know that Jacelyn had a close relationship with the Lord, so we're at peace knowing that He chose to bring a master chef, seamstress, artist, designer and natural fashionista to His presence.

I wrote this below on the evening of her death....

I Started Running

In times like these,

I just want to run away.

with no idea of where I'll be going

or how long I will stay.

Because the pain at this moment

just seem too much to bear

so I started running

and I really don't care where

I know it's not the answer

but it's what I must do

Some would call me faithless

right now that's true

For the questions that I have

I can find no answers too

So If running will ease the pain

that will be my gain

I prayed hard

what I was taught to do,

but no answers for my prayers came thru

Maybe in time

I will come to understand what this is all about

Is there a bigger prize on the other side

while we are all fighting to stay alive

No one that I know who has gone over

has ever come back to tell me

and I can't peek in to see beyond so how am I to know

All I know is this pain that I am feeling right now

This lump in my chest that will not move or let me rest.

I see the faces and and I see the pain

Why so long the pain, why so long the pain?

So I started running

So now, there's a lot of tears and crying. It hurts.

If you are still made it to the end. Thank you for listening and allowing me to vent.

AGAIN - PLEASE KEEP TY, THE WilSON FAMILY, THE WASHINGTON FAMILY, THE SCOTT FAMILY AND EXTENDED FAMILY IN YOUR PRAYERS. Scroll up for previous information on where to send donations and flowers.

To the family, we won’t be the same family but we will be alright.

Love Cynthia

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